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Your first look will tell you that you are looking at something very special…your first listen will confirm it beyond a shadow of a doubt. The beauty of the Gotham® extends well beyond its exotic design and exceptional craftsmanship, and aims right at the core of musical and cinematic enjoyment.

With limits well beyond the needs of the typical home theater application, a Gotham® delivers a weight and integrity of reproduction that can only come from a system that is always in control. Its ability to convey subtleties is as impressive as its prodigious output capabilities.

The luxurious, handcrafted gloss-black finish is complemented by machined aluminium and stainless steel accents for a look and feel that is elegant and spectacular at the same time. More importantly, the beautiful cabinet houses a pair of JL Audio’s highest-technology subwoofer drivers.

When demanded by program material, the Gotham’s prodigious amplifier can deliver voltage equivalent to 3,800 watts of RMS power to take full advantage of the twin driver’s four inches of peak-to-peak excursion capability.

Listening to a Gotham® reveals an entirely new dimension of subwoofer performance…a dimension so satisfying that listening to lesser subwoofers will forever become an act of compromise.

Gotham® g213
Gotham® g213

g213: twin 13.5-inch drivers, capable of peak-to-peak excursion capabilities well in excess of 3 inches, 3800 watt amplifier, fiberglass, 2-inch (52 mm) wall thickness sealed enclosure with non-parallel walls.

Top-mounted Control Panel
Top-mounted Control Panel

The Gotham® subwoofer has a top-mounted control panel to allow ease of installation and adjustment. The top-mounted control panel includes an extensive set of signal processing tools aimed at optimising the Gotham’s performance within your listening space.

Automatic Room Optimisation (A.R.O)
Automatic Room Optimisation (A.R.O)

With the included, laboratory-grade calibration microphone, JL Audio’s powerful A.R.O. (Automatic Room Optimisation) deploys a powerful equalisation circuit to adjust the Gotham’s response for optimal performance.

Subwoofer Drivers
Subwoofer Drivers
The Gotham® subwoofer incorporates JL Audio’s state of the art drivers, with numerous proprietary patented technologies. JL Audio’s long-excursion subwoofer driver designs are widely considered as reference standards for linear behaviour and high output.

The subwoofer drivers in the Gotham® subwoofer system are capable of exceptional linear excursion without distress or audible distortion. These exceptional drivers enable the Gotham® to reproduce powerful low-frequency events with stunning impact and unprecedented accuracy. Derived from JL Audio’s legendary W7 design platform, the Gotham® drivers offer peak-to-peak excursion capabilities well in excess of 3 inches (76mm) to comfortably handle the dynamics of the most demanding program material.


To get the most from the Gotham’s long excursion driver platform, prodigious amounts of controlled power are needed. The Gotham® employs a precisely engineered switching amplifier with patented feedback technology, capable of delivering unclipped output voltage equivalent to 3800 watts of RMS power when referenced to the nominal loudspeaker impedance, allowing JL Audio to take full advantage of the drivers' full excursion envelope.

Enclosure Form

The beautiful cabinet enclosing the workings of the Gotham® is also the result of careful engineering. To contain the pressures created by the Gotham® drivers, JL Audio utilise massive, fiberglass construction with extensive internal bracing features and advanced assembly techniques.

Each Gotham® enclosure takes over two weeks to produce in JL Audio’s Miramar, Florida factory, passing through multiple phases of fabrication and finishing.

The body of the enclosure is moulded in solid fibreglass with proprietary damping technologies and carefully engineered internal bracing to create a highly inert structure. Wall thickness exceeds 1-inch (25 mm) and requires precision CNC equipment to perform secondary machining of all openings before JL Audio’s skilled craftsmen prepare, finish, and hand polish each one to the highest furniture-grade standards.

The Gotham® form and finish is exquisite with attention to every fine detail of each unit undertaken, hand polished to the highest furniture-grade standards, with precision machined aluminium/stainless steel accents and its illuminated blue level control knob.

Separate woofer and control panel grilles allow control access without removing the larger grille and also offer a choice of three distinct visual presentations.