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AT1822 Stereo Power Amplifier
Class A/B Amplifiers.
The AT1820 is available with 2 to 7 channels with 200W RMS per channel at 8 ohms and 300W RMS at 4 ohms.


Images of AT1820

At 200 Watts RMS per channel, the AT1820 Series provides the best price to performance ratio of any amplifiers available. The AT1820 Series comprises six amplifier models. The series starts with the two-channel AT1822, and finishes with the seven-channel AT1827.

The AT1820 Series amps are passively cooled by large heat sinks. This feature may be especially important in small home theater systems that can not hide the equipment in a rack or closet.

An optically-coupled protection circuit automatically shuts down the amplifier in an overload situation, such as when someone accidentally shorts out the amp. Once the protection circuit is engaged, it checks the conditions regularly and restores output automatically when the overload situation is remedied. Since the protection circuit is optically coupled to the audio circuit, there is no direct electrical connection for the protection circuit to affect sound quality. A magnetic circuit breaker provides further protection. The AT1820 Series amps use the same transformer construction as the top-of-the-line AT6000 and AT4000 Series amps. It also uses double-sided glass epoxy circuit boards and the same rugged, powder-coated chassis used in all our products.

The AT1820 Series amps include ATI’s Ultra Soft Turn-On circuit. This circuit gradually powers up the amp and will not trip your household circuit breaker or dim the lights when you switch it on. The amps also include a trigger input that allows it to be turned on and off, remotely.

Model Numbers and Channel Configurations:
AT1822 Stereo Amplifier (200W RMS per channel at 8 Ohms)
AT1823 3-channel Amplifier (200W RMS per channel at 8 Ohms)
AT1824 4-channel Amplifier (200W RMS per channel at 8 Ohms)
AT1825 5-channel Amplifier (200W RMS per channel at 8 Ohms)
AT1826 6-channel Amplifier (200W RMS per channel at 8 Ohms)
AT1827 7-channel Amplifier (200W RMS per channel at 8 Ohms)

All ATI AT1820 series amplifiers are covered by ATI’s 7-year transferable warranty and are available in a standard (17”) chassis and can be rack-mounted using a rack mount kit (sold separately).

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