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The highest-grade model in the WELLFLOAT series, which eliminates sound distortion thanks to our patented hanging structure that has a reputation among audio enthusiasts all over the world.


Images of Babel
Model or Series Babel
Design 12 small WELLFLOAT mechanisms (3 machines x 4 layers)
Materials Stainless steel, well-machined solid aluminum
Dimensions 175mm in diameter, 65mm high Weight: 3.0kg
(Patent Cooperation Treaty)
On July 12, 2022, WELLFLOAT Babel obtained Japanese Patent No. 7104389

Shiro Nakamura, is the world-famous car designer who produced numerous masterpieces such as GT-R and FairladyZ at Isuzu Motors and Nissan Motors.

He also has a deep knowledge of music, is an amateur jazz bassist, and performs classical cello. And, because he uses Wellfloat for Instruments regularly, he decided to work on designing Babel as the ultimate Isolation platform to be the best in the world.